The Seattle Times Endorses Shannon Braddock

On July 13th the Seattle Times editorial board endorsed Shannon Braddock’s candidacy for the State Senate.

The Times says “Democrat Shannon Braddock…rises to the top, largely due to her experience working on complex legislation and forging consensus across party lines.”

“She supports state investments in programs to fight homelessness and build affordable housing, yet stresses the importance of assessing whether those programs are meeting intended outcomes. She takes progressive stances on issues such as banning assault weapons, repealing the death penalty and enacting a tax on capital gains, something she said Democrats in Olympia should have brought up for a vote by now.”

Read the full endorsement here: https://www.seattletimes.com/opinion/editorials/the-times-recommends-shannon-braddock-for-state-senate-34th-legislative-district/

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